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Yes, there is a huge number of bloggers and digital influencers all over the world, and yes, it’s nearly 2017, and I am only starting to blog now. Call me a late bloomer, naïve person or whatever. I mean, you have the right to, people are so innovative and creative that there are even “vlogs/vloggers” nowadays. But, you can’t blame me either because inspiration comes when it comes, and mine only came now, so here I am aspiring to share my life’s journey, inspire others, and definitely, grow as a person.

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset
Cruising around Cape Town, December 2015.

Ryna Brito is a 22 year old Filipino, currently based in Sydney, Australia. She is an international Business Management student, majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. International student, because on her first year, she was studying in Singapore, she then moved to Dubai, and now finishing her last two years in Sydney. This is one thing that perhaps, gives her an edge – exposure to a diverse world, because of the lifestyle she has been practicing for the past three years.

This blog will contain things she is truly passionate about: food, travel and fashion. Aside from these three, she also enjoys being behind the lens, thus, this will also be a platform where she shares her photos of this wonderfully created world.  Lastly, she wants this to be a platform where audiences can share their insights on issues such as: capital punishment, diminishing human rights, women rights & so on.


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