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The Hunter Valley Trip 

I was thinking of separating a blog post for today and tomorrow. However, with the amount of activities that Gab and I did today, it would be too much to put two days into one post. 

Before everything else, I’d like to point out a very important point and that is Gab planned every single thing in the itinerary for this trip, which I enjoyed very very much. So if you ever want to come and use this exact same itinerary, let’s thank Gab (haha).

We started off the day by walking down to  the breakfast area. 

We enjoyed wonderful views as we were on our way down. And then we both had our heavy breakfasts to survive the 44C heat and all the activities planned for the day. 

We then went for wine tasting, which is one of my favourite parts of the day seeing as I enjoy drinking wine a lot. I most specifically enjoyed the sparkling moscato which we’ll both be enjoying over some cheese and salami tonight.

This was right outside the wine tasting room. 

We then spent the afternoon swimming and sunbathing right inside the resort. 

I also took this as an opportunity to take a  “before shot” for the Skinny Coffee Club which I’ll discuss with you guys further  within the month. It should be a good product, I’ll definitely let you guys know how it goes. 

After all the swimming and sunbathing/the more active activities, we went to Hunter Valley Reflections Day Spa to enjoy a nice and relaxing Swedish massage. 

Plus, they had a pretty amazing view of this vineyard. 

We then chose to relax and rest in the room before dinner with a bottle of wine. 

We drove about 10 minutes to Il Cacciatore restaurant in the Hermitage Lodge. I had crab and corn risotto and mango creme brûlée for dessert, which I forgot to take pictures of because the presentation was so good, I devoured them all straight away.

Before dinner though, we took some photos in the hotel because it was absolutely stunning. The vineyards were fuller than the ones we had in Hunter Valley Resort. 

Overall, today was definitely a fun and relaxing day. But also very tiring. 

For tomorrow, all we have planned is horse riding around the vineyard of Hunter Valley Resort. 

If you ever come by Sydney, pass by Hunter Valley. It’s one of the best places to unwind and relax for a few days. I definitely recommend it. 

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