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Skin Care Routine

Hello everyone,

I’ve been MIA for quite a while because I just got back from the Philippines. On a side note, I am now back in Sydney and reunited with JΓ€ger, my kitten, who’s been very excited around the house – running and jumping around. The trip to Manila was short but amazing. Got to catch up with family and friends and got to accomplish quite a lot (except reading my Business Law book that I wasn’t able to bring home because of its weight).

First of all, thanks so so very much Stephanie for suggesting a skin care routine video. It honestly helps so much when people suggest seeing as we or I at least, run out of ideas too sometimes. I filmed this last week as soon as I got home in the Philippines hence, the set-up looks very different.

Second of all, there are a few things that I forgot to mention as I was filming this video:
1. I believe that each person has his/her own unique skin care routine due to everyone’s different skin types.

2. Your skin care products do not have to be Aesop or anything similar to the ones that I use, they just have to suit your skin. Seeing as I’m already 22, I have had my fair share of trying different skin care products such as Benefit’s and Kiehl’s moisturiser. We try not to experiment on our skin by going to dermatologists but sometimes it also helps to try a product or two and then grow from there. We then settle for what suits us best.

3. This routine that I am sharing with all of you is applied both during the day and night.

Thank you again Stephanie for suggesting this video. I think it’s a brilliant idea.


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