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Traditional Sunday

Started the day out by having a big breakfast in Rashays. Wasn’t even able to take a photo of my food because as soon as it arrived, I couldn’t help but eat them all. But aside from my big breakfast that included steak and eggs, I also had salted caramel latte frappe which looks very appetising as we can see in the photo above and some wedges. 

After breakfast, we (Gab and I) decided to go to the city seeing as it’s a Sunday and it’s almost a tradition already to spend quality time together on Sundays. 

This is the design of one of the restaurants in Angel Place on Pitt Street. The restaurant is called China Lane where they hung bird cages above the restaurant. It was said that in the olden times, because people didn’t have music yet, they used chirps as music. It’s a beautiful spot and an incredible idea for a restaurant. 

The whole time before dinner, we were walking around CBD where I also decided to upgrade to an iPhone 7. (The last 4 photos above are taken with the iPhone 7 camera). I’m very much impressed with its photo quality. 

This outfit on the other hand, is becoming my biggest favourite or go-to outfit.

Top is from Insight which you can get in General Pants Co. It’s actually from the men’s apparel section of the shop but I thought that the prints on this top was really cute so instead of buying it for Gab, I bought it for myself (hehe). This kimono, which some of you may have already seen is from one of the biggest high street shops in the world, Zara. I really enjoy wearing kimonos especially with the fluctuation of temperature nowadays. The kimono keeps me warm and at the same time, in style. 

My main focus on this outfit though are the shoes!!! I fell in love the moment I saw these loafers in Bally. They’re lamb skin loafers which make them really really really soft and comfortable to wear. But what I love most about the loafers is that you can wear it either as loafers or as slip-ons. And for today’s outfit, I opted to wear it as slip-ons. These loafers are definitely worth the investment! 

What’s your traditional Sunday like? Let me know!

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