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Newtown: Not So New 

For a place called Newtown, you’ll be surprised to find record stores with an enormous amount of vinyl choices and bookstores with plenty of Penguin classic books. 

Its architectural design isn’t so modern as well. 

We walked around King Street in Newtown where most of the restaurants and boutiques are located. We opted for Italian cuisine for dinner and I was happy to have pizza elsewhere aside from Bondi Pizza. 

We ate in this place called Twelve, which I wouldn’t recommend if you’re a person who’s always on the go. They serve slow. Gab and I ordered mushroom pizza and a pasta each. The pizza came quickly but the pastas took forever.

But I can’t deny, the pizza was really good which is why Gab and I were able to finish our entire order of pizza. 

After cancelling our pastas from waiting too long, we decided to walk around King Street again. I found a few book stores that sold classic books and a record store where I bought 3 vinyls because of the great deal. Literally, I was able to buy 3 with the price of 1 vinyl in the Philippines. So I’m very excited to take these babies to the Philippines very soon. 

Aside from enjoying my explorations here in Sydney, I’m also enjoying online shopping in Fashion BNKR a lot, if it isn’t obvious yet. Most of my outfits the past few days come from at least one of the Australian brands that they stock (Keepsake the Label, c/meo collective, Finders Keepers and whatnot). 

Today, I chose to go very tropical despite the rainy weather. 

Top: c/meo Collective 

Denim jeans: Fifth Label 

Shoes: Prada 

Bag: Céline 

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