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Putting Your Key Pieces Together 

Today was such a lazy day. I started out wearing my usual gray t-shirt from Bassike and Levi’s 501’s with a pair of loafers just so I can have breakfast in the food court with Gab. And then spend the day in bed. Super chill, no plans to go out at all. 

As I got out of bed from my nap, I finally decided to go to Paddington a g a i n (haha). But still, I was too lazy to dress up. So I just put on all my key pieces together to make myself look a bit more put together. 

My personal key pieces include, obviously, a t-shirt, Levi’s 501’s, an outerwear and block heels. So instead of simply wearing shirt and jeans, I opted to put on one of my favourite silk blazers from Missguided. I think it automatically elevates your overall look. Instead of wearing loafers, I also changed to my new favourite block heels from Prada, which I’ve been thinking of buying since last year and finally did when I realized how much energy I’m putting just thinking about this pair. 

Elevating your look, in my opinion, is easy. It’s just a matter of putting basic pieces all together. In my case, the blazer and block heels helped elevate my overall look. I love this blazer so much especially for this season because it’s not too thick and it has a loungewear vibe because of the details. 

These are my key pieces. What’re yours? 

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