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Wednesday Adventure 

Uni, last semester was extremely hectic for me and Gab. So now that this semester is more chill so far, we’re making the most out of our free times. It’s a Wednesday today and we didn’t have classes so we decided to visit the Coogee Beach, which we’ve never been to until today. 

We parked our car in Bondi and walked from Bondi beach to Coogee beach. It’s a little bit more than an hour walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach. There’s a track which makes it easy to find Coogee beach. And aside from that, plenty of people walk to the Coogee beach so it really isn’t difficult to find. If you ever find yourself in Sydney, I definitely recommend going to this beach. 

More than an hour walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach may seem really long but it isn’t tiring at all seeing as everywhere you look, you see incredible views. 

Coogee beach is almost like Bondi beach, except there are so much less people and you can actually swim because the waves aren’t as big as Bondi beach’s, although still quite big and strong, especially when compared to the beaches in the Philippines.  

The view from Coogee beach is equally incredible. 

You look to the right and you see this. 

To the left, you see this. 

After hours of swimming against the waves, which made me want to learn surfing so so badly and sunbathing, we finally decided to walk back to Bondi for lunch. 

And here’s the view on our way down: the famous Bondi beach with loaaaaads of people. 

After hours of adventure and discovery, we finally had lunch and enjoyed eating a lot without feeling any sort of guilt seeing as we walked a whole lot. 

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