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Best Way to Spend a Hot Day 

It’s a sunny day out at about 31 degrees Celsius. There’s no better way of spending a day like this one rather than spending it in Bondi.

It has a very chill environment – something I absolutely enjoy. Everyone just came back from either swimming or surfing at the beach or sunbathing on the sands of Bondi beach.

There are a few boutiques that I’d recommend that are located in Bondi such as Tuchuzy, Me and Moo and Free People but there are also loads of restaurants and cafes to choose from in that area. All these make it a perfect place for a sunny and hot day like today.

After all the walking, Gab and I chose to eat in this place called Drake Eatery mainly because it was the first thing we saw while hunting for restaurants. The food was okay. I liked it. Gab didn’t seeing as they served a lot of healthy stuff and most of their meats were served with extraordinary sauces.

I think they deserve a 10 for presentation though. I had the angus steak while Gab had salami because he didn’t like much in the menu. So if you aren’t the type to try or explore new types of food, this isn’t the restaurant for you.

I also think that eating outside with a view is also one of the best ways to spend a hot day, especially here in Sydney. I think it’s very chill and calming at the same time.

We’re now on the way home and going to spend the afternoon by the pool. It’s going to be a great day and the thought that there are no classes tomorrow makes everything even better.

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