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10 Important Things I Learned Over the Year 2016.

To begin my first post of the year, I’d like to write about things that I’ve learned in the very challenging year of 2016.

1. It’s not always going to be difficult.

Yes, there are challenging days. Yes, there are days where we feel like our chests are going to explode. And definitely, there are days where we simply want to give up. But that’s not how life is. We cannot just give up when life actually hits us with challenges. We face them and we look forward to the better days because it’s not always going to be difficult. And after that, life throws us another problem that we need to surpass but that’s all it is, we need to surpass the problem and it’s another problem that we can just easily encounter in the future.

2. You have to be strong.

Despite all the difficulties, you have to be strong. I can’t stress enough how much we all need to be strong, for our friends, families and most importantly for ourselves. Trust me when I say that you’re stronger than you think.

3. You’re never alone.

If you ever find yourself crying your sorrows away all by yourself, always remember that you are alone. No matter what. Even if you aren’t in good terms with your siblings or friends. You’re never alone. There’s at least that one person who truly and genuinely cares about you. And all you have to do is reach out.

4. Crying is normal.

You don’t have to show a strong face all the time. I used to do that. I smile at my problems, I laugh at them. But in 2016, I learned that it isn’t healthy after all. On days where you just cannot take it anymore, let it out because crying really does make you feel better. In fact, to share with you guys my personal experience, whenever my chest is feeling extremely heavy, I purposely watch a really sad movie so I can cry. And then my chest eventually loosens up a bit.

5. Talk to people.

Like I said, one way or another, there’s that one person who truly and genuinely cares about you. Talk to that person about your problems. It’s the best thing when you can talk to someone about it. Not only do you get to release those problems, you also hear opinions of other people as to what you can do to fix that problem of yours. And just to insert, I’m so lucky to have a strong bunch of people around me including my mom, friends and boyfriend that influence me to become an even stronger person.

6. Education is very important.

Today, people my age, we still rely on our parents. We rely on our parents for university, we rely on our parents for shopping, the food we eat, the place we live in. Basically, almost everything we own today is given to us by our parents. In some ways, all of us are spoiled. But of course, there are some exceptions. But I realized last 2016 how important education is. Education will free you from relying on your parents. I’m not saying that relying on your parents is bad. All I’m saying is that freeing yourself from their financial support is in fact, an incredible thing.

7. Don’t invest on people who do not do the same for you.

Seriously, why do we try so hard? Why do we have to feel bad about friends not replying? Or siblings not listening? If other people don’t appreciate you, don’t invest their time on you, then what’s the point? Investing on a person who doesn’t invest back is like investing on an asset without ROI. And who wants that? Stop worrying about losing that relationship. Just know that you tried your best and you did everything to keep that relationship afloat.

8. If you think that no one cares, your parents do.

2016 made me realize how difficult it is to become a parent. I got closer to my mom and I see how she tries to adjust her personality from one child to another. It’s like having schizophrenia with the 4 of us (Me, Radine and my twin brothers, Rian and Rance). But one of my biggest realizations is that parents always care. They will do you no harm. So if you find yourself having no one to run to, run to your parents. The last few days of 2016 was very difficult for me but I realized who my true friends are and most importantly, I realized that my mom will always be there, no matter how shallow the problem may be. She will do anything to make me feel better even if sometimes she has to do something stupid to make me laugh.

9. See the glass half full.

To tell you the sad truth, sometimes the reason why our problems seem so difficult is because WE make it worse. If only we were more positive then maybe, these problems will seem easier.

10. Move on. 

Move on. It’s finally another year. A fresh and new beginning. Move on from the difficult days and know that this 2017, it’s going to be better. And be proud of yourself because you’ve come out of 2016 stronger, a better person and perhaps, more mature.

Now that it’s a new year, i’m not looking back. I’m really excited to see what this year has in store for me. I’m going to apply all these, think positively, see things positively and know that this year is going to be great. And no matter what happens, it’s not permanent, I’ll always be able to go through it, and so can you. I believe in you. And I believe that 2017 is going to be YOUR year.

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