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Finland Day 2

After the three hour drive, we finally arrived at  the Arctic Treehouse hotel in Rovaniemi. It’s a beautiful hotel. In a place like this, I don’t think I can ever stop using the word, “beautiful” (haha). 

I looked up this hotel on the internet and didn’t think that it would be this beautiful in person. But it was, it was extremely beautiful. 

The rooms of the Arctic Treehouse hotel look like this. 

And the view outside these treehouse guest rooms look like this.

After checking in, we drove to the Santa Claus village, which was about 5-10 minutes drive from our hotel, where we saw traditional “buildings.” The locals call them buildings but actually, they’re tiny cottages which were built in the 1950s. In the Santa Claus village, we also saw the post office where they receive letters for Santa from children all over the world every year. And there, we also visited the ice bar and had dinner in the ice restaurant. 

We rushed dinner because we couldn’t even handle holding the utensils seeing as they were way too cold. 

Overall, I guess it was still a great way to experience the cold. Having dinner in an igloo? Nothing like ever before. 

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