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Ivalo, Finland Day 1 

Coming to Ivalo was, I would say, pretty intense. It was a total of about 36 hours from Manila to Taipei to Amsterdam to Helsinki and to our final destination Ivalo, Finland. Imagine riding a total of 4 flights just to get to the final destination. It was tough. Really really tough. The funny thing is that we were late for all our flights and had to run to the gates every single time. Thank God though that we didn’t miss any of them. That would’ve been a huge hassle. 

This was the view in Manila as we were taking off.

This, on the other hand, was the beautiful view of Helsinki as we were landing

Coming out of the flight from Helsinki to Ivalo was absolutely unexpected. In fact, I was taking a Snapchat video and I couldn’t help but say, “Omg this is the shock of my life.” Traveling from a 40C country to a -2C country, it was definitely the shock of my life.  We travelled for 36 hours arriving in a place full of snow and ice and we had to carry our luggages down the plane and all the way into the airport. I swear, it wasn’t easy. There is no point carrying a 4-wheeled Rimowa or Tumi here. We had to drag our luggages. Another funny and stupid thing of me to do was, I was wearing my block-heeled boots with leather soles. So as a punishment, I fell on my butt and tail bone more than a hand can count. Finally, we arrived in Hotel Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo, which was absolutely beautiful but all I wanted to do was sleep. Few minutes after, we checked our itinerary and found out that there was no such thing as resting for us this trip. On our itinerary was to go Northern Lights hunting. There, we were taught how to drive the snow mobile which I thought was pretty cool. But to be honest, I was too much of a scardey cat to drive it so I sat behind my sister Radine, as a passenger which in my opinion, was fun as well seeing as I was able to take videos and pictures of this beautiful beautiful place. After driving around and sitting by the bonfire for a total of 3 hours, and not seeing the northern lights by the way, we finally went back to our room to rest. 

Automatically, while everyone showered and prepared for bed, I went straight to sleep. In all fairness to me though, I woke up earlier than everyone (except for my mom) and went straight to shower. Waking up at 7AM, I had imagined waking up to snow and all that white Christmas vibe stuff but it was pitch black. We walked to the reception, rushed breakfast and went for a husky farm tour.

Took this shot as we were walking to the hotel restaurant for breakfast buffet.

We actually drove a sled with huskies pulling us around. While we were driving the huskies around, the sun started rising and finally, we were able to take better pictures of this experience. Aside from the fun coming from all the excitement of actual huskies pulling us around, the view was absolutely spectacular. One that I used to see in the movie Narnia when I was much younger. It was completely unimaginable and one that I will never forget. 

After the husky farm tour, we went straight for lunch and the sun started to set again. The sun here literally rises for 3 hours and then sets again, which I think is a little bit sad. 

Behind me is how the igloo hotel looks like. It’s literally an igloo!

Tomorrow on our second day, we have another set of activities which I’m very much excited to share with all of you. I really hope that one of these days, I get to see the Northern Lights. That will definitely be a fantastic experience and will be the highlight of this trip. And as usual, will share that with you guys. Can’t wait for the exciting next few days! 

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