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The Most Boring Post

Hello everyone,

This will probably be one of the most boring posts I will put on here but I really just feel like sharing my thoughts so here I am. This is a home for my thoughts anyway, which I’m ever so glad to have people to share them with.

So basically, I’m writing this out of exhaustion and I guess to sort of let you know that I’ll be out of the social media community for the next few days because of finals, but will get back to you guys and update you with what went on, perhaps, when I’m back in the Philippines or even sooner.

Today was extremely exhausting for me.

  1. I had my finals for Microeconomics, which I think went well so I’m glad.
  2. I’ve been chasing my parcel from DHL all afternoon. They messed up horribly. And when I say all afternoon, it was literally all afternoon. 
  3. I just finished packing an enormous luggage full of all my Christmas gifts for my loved ones, clothes, shoes and whatnot for my upcoming trip to the Philippines and Iceland.

Now, I’m feeling really sleepy but am also in a mood to just sort of talk to you guys and then perhaps, look at some online shops for a while and then finally doze off.

Tomorrow will be another exhausting day as I will start studying for my final exams this coming week. I’m just certain that all these will be worth it because in eight days time, I will finally be back in the Philippines with my family and some friends after four months of Australia, which I loved by the way.

Lastly, I want to share with you guys that I was supposed to film a video about “how to pack” or “pack with me.” Basically, that kind of thing but i’m glad that I didn’t because it went really ugly. I was so frustrated, zipper of my luggage broke, had to unpack after packing to make everything fit, had to remove some things to reduce the weight and etc etc etc……… To conclude, I’m just glad I didn’t film myself packing (HAHA).

To make this boring post just a tad bit more interesting, here’s one thing you probably didn’t know about me unless we’re really close – I talk to myself a lot. In fact, I’m talking to myself right now.

Okay, until next time.

I wish you guys all the best with all your different endeavors.

Thanks again if you visited or read this post.. this is absolutely boring but if you wish to know more of me, simply go to my previous posts instead.




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