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Beginner’s Dilemma

Hey everyone,

This is merely a verbalization of my recent thoughts, dilemma rather, on what seems to be fairly simple but can’t be done because of my lack of efforts to constantly learn about technology.

The main problem is that my photos on this blog are extremely pixelated, and just not in any way HD. And of course, I try to constantly look for areas of improvement in different aspects of this blog for my readers and more importantly for self-satisfaction with the work that I’m doing.

So here’s what I’ve been doing.

There are times where Gab takes my blog pictures but more often than not, I take them on my own. I just feel like asking someone to take my pictures will be too much of a hassle for them and especially if it isn’t in the roof of their interests. I bought a really low-priced tripod, bring it around with me, and use the self timer function of the camera to take my photos.

I use a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS digital compact camera, which I thought was really good when I first bought it about a year ago because it has 16.1 megapixel, 65x optical zoom lens and full HD 60p video with external mic input. Now enough with the technicalities. Let’s not pretend that I actually know what those functions do.

After taking all the necessary shots, I then transfer the desired pictures to my phone because I only know how to edit pictures with VSCO and only VSCO. After all “post-processing” my photos, I then Airdrop these edited pictures into my laptop. Ready for my blog content.

It’s probably the WORST thing ever because obviously transferring the picture from one application to another and from one gadget to another reduces the quality of the picture.

Because of all these, I’ve been thinking of getting a new camera – either a Nikon DSLR or a Sony compact camera. I’m so torn because I’m not sure if I want an excellent quality picture or convenience. This, in my opinion, is a major contemplation for a lot of “bloggers.”

Last night though, I sort of had a moment of eureka (well, to be completely transparent with you guys, Gab sort of contributed a lot into this). Perhaps, it’s not the camera’s fault but the way I was editing my pictures – so obvious yet was too ignorant to realize sooner. So I downloaded Adobe Photoshop, which I thought was way too complex for me, and in that very moment, I wished that I had listened more during my computer classes back in high school. But I thought, there must be another photo editing application that I could use, a simpler yet effective one. I then found this application called Luminar. It’s perfect for me. It’s simple, it has some preset filters and all that kinda basic stuff that a slightly “technologically impaired” person like me needs.

With all that being said, I tried the application last night and here are some of the things that I came up with and I would absolutely appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback or recommend a better application or camera that I could use to enhance my content. It would really mean the world.



img_3247img_3271 img_3282

So this was yesterday’s (27th November) outfit. I basically just ran errands so I just put on different basic pieces and came up with this outfit. Basic white shirt from Ralph Lauren, which you can basically find almost anywhere. But here are some similar alternatives if you’re interested: Asos, Pull&Bear and G-Star. Cropped wide leg trousers from Zara, similar here and here. Lace-up block heels from Sol Sana, similar here, here and affordable option here. and Demiranda bag from Want Les Esssentiels.

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