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How to Dress Up a Pajama Top without Looking Like You’re Going to Bed

This is going to be a pretty short post to be honest because there isn’t really much that you need except for two things. One being, some chic accessories to make such a simple outfit look more fashionable. Second and the most important thing, confidence.

Stepping out of your home dressed with a pajama top isn’t easy for a lot of people and that includes me. It’s acceptable in my opinion. Sometimes it’s as if we feel funny in our outfits that we end up going back and forth to the mirror to check if our outfit really looks okay (Men, now you know why we take forever to dress up). But still, despite the hassle, us women, we can’t help but have some lazy days where we just feel like putting on a t-shirt or any comfortable top while looking our best. Well, with that being said, I have some tips for you.

  1. If you’re having one of those lazy days and you just want to put on a really simple and comfortable top, pair it with some nice skinny denim or black jeans or some embroidered denim jeans to make your overall outfit look presentable. OR you can simply put on your overall lazy outfit and just wear some nice accessories. It could be a statement bag or shoes, some jewelries, or as simple as a belt. You’ll never know how much of a differenceΒ they can make.
  2. Even if you’re wearing a pajama top, or a simple t-shirt. As clichΓ© as it may sound, all you have to do is to look confident and I swear, you’ll be confident.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

In my case, I’m wearing a pajama top from Topshop and paired it with a less casual bottom, a pair of pinstripe culotte pants from Zara. Although it does not look like a complete lazy outfit, it feels like it. These pants are so light and comfortable. I then completed my overall look with a Prada nylon bag and Robert Clergerie slip-ons. I think despite looking like i’m headed to my bedroom instead of school, the unique pair of culotte pants makes it stand out and look less like a pajama outfit.

Side story: On the same day, I was planning to buy a pajama top that looked exactly the same from Equipment. It was worth around 300AUD, which is about 230USD. After all my classes, Gab and I decided to go to Chatswood to buy some hay for our pet. I then stopped by Topshop to check it out for a bit. I was so surprised to find this top worth 1/5 of the one from Equipemnt. Of course, quality and material are not as good as Equipment’s but still, it works, it looks nice and it saves me a lot of money.Β 

Lesson of the day: Thoroughly think about all your investments before buying. Give yourself a few hours, days or weeks. You’ll never know you might find a similar and cheaper one later in the day.

Bye for now! Again, thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate it.

And happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it.


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