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First Online Shopping Experience Ever

I’ve been looking through online shops such as Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter, Tuchuzy and Incu recently so despite being nervous about the sizing, proper fit and whatnot, I decided to give myself some early Christmas presents this year.

I’m not a big fan of unboxing videos even if I love watching them. I just feel weird showing people what I bought. But this is not exactly about that. This is more of sharing with you guys my personal experienceΒ of receiving my packages from online shopsΒ for the first time ever. I don’t know, it just seems very exciting to me and in this video, that excitement is very much obvious.

Like I said in the video, it feels so much like Christmas opening these packages and seeing as I haven’t really opened gifts in a long time, this is really special to me and I’m very pleased to share such a special moment with you guys.

Overall, it was such a great experience as you have seen in this video. And I guess I’d do it again.

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