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Nostalgic Fashion Pieces

Don’t you feel like there are so much fashion trends that are coming back this 2016? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. The flare jeans, major crop tops, spaghetti straps, denim on denim, chokers, gaucho pants a.k.a. culottes, bell sleeve tops, slip-on lingerie, slingback shoes and probably so many more. They’re all coming back this 2016. And who knows what other fashion trends will be back? Probably something to watch out for now that it’s almost the end of the year.

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Photo taken in China Town

This is one of the fashion trends that are coming back to the modern days, the balloon top. I love this top so much because it gives such a vintage-modern vibe and I think that’s what I love most about fashion. It revolves through time, but there are still some pieces that remain as classics. And these are the fashion pieces that I believe we must invest on because it’ll last us a lifetime.

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This top is a Georgia Alice one shoulder balloon top. You can shop it online, buy it from Tuchuzy‘s online shop or go to their physical boutique at Bondi. I’ve written about Tuchuzy as one of my favourite shops around Sydney so if you want to know more about them, then just click here.  I simply paired it with a Zara cropped wide leg pants and Chanel slingback pumps to give it an overall vintage look. I bought this pair around four to five months ago, so i’m not so sure if they still stock them (probably not), so here are some links as to where you can find alternative cropped wide leg pants:

  1. Boohoo
  2. Asos
  3. Polyvore

By the way, if you live in Sydney and have never been to China Town then I think it’s a place to visit once in a while. They have great genuine Chinese food, it feels really lively because there are so many people (even after 5pm), and it’s quite a sight. There are a lot of restaurants, buildings, and small Chinese shops. I almost felt like I was in Hong Kong especially the fact that the environment was so diverse. You see people from different parts of the world emerging in one place.

What captured my attention the most today was when I saw a tall-looking clown. I noticed that his hands were really wrinkly. Felt like he was in his 70s. I was just imagining how difficult it must be for a man that old standing on sticks, looking like a clown and selling balloons almost all day long. The second time I passed him, I read a cardboard where he introduced himself. He is apparently an 85 year old man who was badly injured during the Korean war. 

I think discovering these little places, you learn bits and pieces about different people and about their lives. And it’s  really interesting.

Coincidentally, I also wore such interesting pieces yesterday.

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Bag from Little Liffner

It’s simple. V-neck camisole, a pair of jeans, black belt and pointed flat mules. If you noticed, some of these pieces are also fashion trends of the early 2000s. Pointed flat mules and the v-neck camisole which is very much similar to the spaghetti straps trend. The only piece that made this overall look so much more interesting is the trench. I think every woman must have a trench, kimono or a mid to long cardigan so whenever we’re feeling lazy to dress up, we can just put over a nice outerwear and still look like we tried so hard.

I’m obsessed with this trench. I adore it so much, I can’t even use words to justify how beautifully created this piece is. This is from KITX by Kit Willow. If you have the time try to read about Kit Willow’s story. She’s wonderful, hardworking, and so creative as a designer. I love all her designs. They’re all so unique.

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My pictures don’t really justify how beautiful this sleeveless trench is, it actually looks so much better in person. But this is basically the details. It’s not the typical one whole piece of trench that you can find in Zara or Topshop. The trench was carefully and uniquely designed to be strips of silk as you can see. There are so many ways of wearing this, you can either tie the ribbons in front or at the back, depending on what you’re wearing inside it. PLUS, two bonuses: (1) It’s 100% silk. It honestly feels so fresh, comfortable and flattering to wear. (2) They only produce one piece per size.

Again, Tuchuzy stocks some of their pieces, but not so much. I didn’t see this trench on their racks. I believe Tuchuzy only stocks the basic pieces of KITX, but the really special ones can be found in their one and only boutique on Paddington (I’ll give you the exact address below), which I love so much.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen this picture. And for those of you who have been reading my blog posts, you know how much I love beautiful store interiors. It’s my absolute weakness. This boutique really caught my attention as I was walking by. I didn’t even know KITX had a boutique.

If you ever want to see the boutique yourself, here are the details:



CONTACT NO: (02) 9360 3511

MON – WED 10:00-6:00   THURSDAY 10:00-7:00   FRIDAY 10:00-6:00
SATURDAY 10:00-5:00    SUNDAY 12:00-5:00

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