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No Make-up Make-up Look

Almost every woman I know wants the “no make-up” make up look, which I think is g r e a t because you feel good, but you don’t look over the top as if you’re walking the runway. So here’s my personal “no make-up” make up look/everyday routine, which I guess may interest some of you ladies out there. But remember, every woman has her own routine and products. Like what we all always hear from the expert beauty video bloggers, there’s no rule in make-up.
Click play and enjoy!

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  1. Watched the video and I was wondering if English is your first language? You seemed to have lacked a variety of vocabulary words. If that is the case and you were not just nervous, a good tip would be to read more books. It actually does help a lot with improving one’s vocab.


  2. Oh, sorry I was mistaken. I was thinking that as a Filipino, Filipino would be your first language! Yes, true, make-up language has its own other world. Great job on your first try nonetheless!


  3. Hi Ryna! I love videos like these! Do you mind sharing your skincare routine and the products that you use both day and night? You seem to have really nice and flawless skin! Have a great day xx

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