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How to Make Basic Pieces Look Trendy 

Hey girls, I want to share with you guys today’s outfit for three reasons: I’m sure you guys already have it somewhere in your closet, it’s easy/simple and it looks fashionable. 

I’m sure you guys already have it somewhere in your closet. They’re every woman’s must-have basics. A white tee, v-neck camisole, pair of jeans, black belt and black shoes. 

It’s easy/simple. Play around with your white tee and v-neck camisole. Put them together and do some layering. You’re instantly trendy and it brings you back to the fashion of the 90’s, which I think is great. Plus, this look is really comfortable, presentable and easy going. Perfect for an errands day! 

It looks fashionable. I’m not sure everyone agrees with me, but personally I think it really is. 

Additional tips

  1. Tuck your tee and cami in if they’re loose/big.
  2. Tighten it up with a belt to make it seem like the tops are perfectly hugging your body
  3. Since we’re using very minimal colours, using a bag with a nice pop of colour would’t harm the overall outfit.

Good luck making this look on your own, I’m sure it will look amazing! Share it with me if you can. 


P.S. If you want my outfit details, check it out on Instagram – @_rynabrito 


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