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Pop of Green

I want to share with you guys today’s outfit for two reasons:
1. Layering presents such a fashion week look (if I may call it that way). 
2. I love every piece of this outfit.

I layered a silk long sleeves stripes polo with a cotton v-neck dark blue romper. I chose to layer with a v-neck because I thought that it would flatter my polo more, which I think it did. 

The polo is from Equipment, which you can find in Incu if you’re here around Australia. And the romper is from Insight, which you can find in General Pants Co. 

I paired this outfit with my green block-heels from Innika Choo and my navy blue with gray bag from Céline. I love these block-heels from Innika Choo. I swear to the gods of fashion that they’re the most comfortable and chic block-heels I’ve ever seen. I have no idea how many times I’ve used the word “block-heels,” but I just can’t stress how much I love these. I plan on getting more in different colours soon (like tonight, haha). 

As you can see, the major shade of this outfit is dark blue. It’s on the polo, romper and bag. However, I wanted a pop of colour, so I thought the green block-heels would go with them well. 

Share your thoughts about ‘adding a pop of colour in an outfit.’

P.S. Big favor – if you know any place where I can find flat mules (something like Prada’s), then please do comment below. Thanks! 

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