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Product Review – Smile Pro Worldwide 

I initially didn’t have plans on whitening my teeth. My teeth definitely aren’t perfect, but I thought that they were okay. Perhaps, I just never thought that there was such a thing (a teeth whitening home kit). I knew there were teeth whitening services in dentists, but I heard from other people that it’s a painful procedure and it’s quite expensive so no thanks. Obviously I was wrong, there are teeth whitening home kits that are not painful, yet effective.

Smile Pro Worldwide caught my attention while I was browsing through Instagram one day. They offered a 50% DISCOUNT on the teeth whitening kit and FREE gel pack!!! PLUS, there were before and after pictures of Smile Pro Worldwide users everywhere on Instagram and Facebook. (Click the links below and check if they still have their discounts ongoing).

So here I am, sharing my own Smile Pro Worldwide experience.

These boxes include:

  1. a total of 6 (3ml each) teeth whitening gels.
  2. Accelerator light with mouth tray
  3. Teeth whitening pen
  4. (Super cute) Teeth whitening shade guide
  5. Step by step instruction manual

Two things that I love most about this product are: (1) I saw a significant difference after my first application, and (2) the accelerator light beeps after every ten minutes, so it also serves as your timer.

After applying this product for an hour for the next seven consistent days, here are the results:

I think I went three shades lighter. See for yourself!


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