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An Hour Drive from Sydney to Spectacular Views 

I’ve been MIA for the past three days only because I was spending my weekend with my boyfriend and his mom, Gab and tita Rica, exploring the Blue Mountains. Blue Mountains is a rugged region west of Sydney. We drove for around an hour and a half to get to the hotel we stayed in – Lilianfels Resort and Spa. 

Lilianfels Resort and Spa is apparently the only five star hotel around Blue Mountains. It is beautiful and at the same time, I would say a haven for relaxation. It is mostly surrounded by gardens and it has such a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains National Park. It is also just a few steps away from the famous Three Sisters viewing deck. 

Lilianfels has quite a lot of facilities such as outdoor pool, heated indoor pool, spa, gaming room, tennis court and the like. 

After checking in, looking around the hotel, and having a few snacks and coffee during High Tea, we went ahead to Leura. Leura is one of the suburbs in Blue Mountains. Here, we found a lot of cute and unique furniture shops, coffee shops and galleries. 

We then decided to go to Hydro Majestic Hotel for lunch. I personally wasn’t hungry so I ordered a bruschetta. However, the view from the Boilerhouse was truly amazing. 

After lunch, it was a relaxing afternoon for all of us. We had a massage at the Lilianfels Resort and Spa, where we all felt refreshed and relaxed. I think it was one of a kind, never had that kind of aromatherapy in my life. Ever. And it was honestly the best massage I’ve ever tried around Sydney. I’m always on the hunt for spas, and I would say that I couldn’t find a decent one until this one. 

Dinner was then spent at Darley’s restaurant. It was a cottage type, but very formal. Everyone was dressed and made up. And they presented everything very nicely. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos to show all of you. I was so caught up with the conversation and food that we were having. 

Second day in the Blue Mountains was spent exploring the Three Sisters. We walked to the viewing deck of the Three Sisters and found a fantastic view. I mean seriously, look how beautiful and amazing nature is. 

There’s a trail that brings you down directly to the Three Sisters where you can sort of enter one of the Sisters. And here’s the view. Isn’t it wonderful? 

Overall, for an overnight trip, I think it was great. I was relaxed, amazed with the view and definitely, full from all the food. I would absolutely recommend going to Blue Mountains for a day or two. I think more than two days is too much, you might end up getting bored and not appreciating the place as much. 

If you plan on going to the Blue Mountains and have no itenerary to follow, then you can get a thing or two from this post and do the same. 

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