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5 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Could be the Best Decision of your Life

Studying in SP Jain School of Global Management has been one of the highlights of my life so far. The tri city experience has been nothing but amazing. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should do so as well: 

1. You learn to be more independent. 

Studying abroad means learning how to commute to uni, live on a budget, cook your own food, use the washing machine, wash your own dishes and many more things that you never expected doing while living in your home country. And being able to do these small things independently, believe it or not, is so fulfilling, especially when it’s the first time that you’re doing it. 

2. You become more mature. 

First of all, surrounding yourself with independent people, somehow forces you to grow with them. Ever heard of your parents telling you to choose your friends wisely? Yes, this is somehow the same concept. And second, the fact that you’re away from your family and friends (basically, home) makes you realize their importance in your life even more and at the same time, makes you more of a caring and loving person. 

3. You learn about another country’s culture. 

Most organizatioms today have a diverse workforce. Most of them aim to cater not only to the local market, but global and international market. And being able to learn about another country’s culture and adapt to their environment can be a huge edge for you as compared to local students. I was told by my professor who’s also working in a global consultancy organization that most companies today don’t just look at your CV, past experiences or the uni you’ve graduated from. They mostly see or check if you can work in teams, adapt to their company culture and adjust to the provided working environment. 

4. You meet different types of people.

You gain certain skills in the process of meeting new people: improved communication skills, better immersion in the country you’re in and greater knowledge about their culture. Aside from these, by the time you graduate, you most probably have already created a larger network from your home country and the country you’ve chosen to study in. Believe it or not, some people make a lot of money through networking. Imagine opening a cafe. Who’re the first people to try your food? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s usually the people who are already in your network. 

5. You get a once in a lifetime experience. 

Uni is a four year experience that you’re unlikely to repeat ever again in your lifetime. Yes, uni life is definitely easier than career life, but again correct me if I’m wrong, not a lot of people would want to repeat uni years again and again and again. It’s a nightmare just thinking about it. So why not, make the most out of your uni life and spend it else where. Grow to be more independent and mature, learn about different cultures, meet new people and most certainly come back home with not only a Bachelors degree, but an experience of a lifetime. 



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  1. First, thanks for pointing out my errors. I want you to realize that you as a “grammar police” here on WordPress, are doing a(n) really great and effective job. Yes, I use a lot of commas, but it’s also because I want to put emphasis on certain critical points and I want my posts to be opinionated and relatable.

    Before you become this “grammar police” on digital platforms, perhaps, you should stop using “…” and use proper commas instead.

    Again, many thanks!



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