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Perfectly Imperfect, Flawlessly Flawed

Everyone has their own set of imperfections and flaws – may it be the skin, height, weight, whatever. There are so much expectations and standards nowadays, set by people, media, and etc that so many feel uncomfortable in their own skin. You have to be a certain colour to be considered beautiful, there are certain measurements to have the “perfect body,” there is a height requirement to be a model.

Why can’t we all feel comfortable and confident about ourselves?

Hell, whatever your skin colour is, you should feel beautiful. There should not be a standard measurement to have the “perfect body,” as long as you are healthy, you should be proud of it. And why is there a height requirement to become a model? You should become a model if there is something within you that others look up to. In this world we live in today, it’s no longer about what is within, but almost always about the outer appearances. What we do not realize is that, at the end of the day, what makes us really happy is what is within. Family, friends, our god, maximized life – these are some things that make us feel truly happy and satisfied.

To be honest, I personally was not like this before. Obviously, I also had my insecurities. I mean, my ribs are not even because of my scoliosis (if some of you have not noticed yet), I have an underbite, my pinky toes are slightly positioned weirdly, and there may be some other things that I am yet to discover about myself. But, there is nothing that I want to change about myself because I love and respect myself. I was born this way and given these genes, and there’s nothing I can do, but simply embrace these imperfections and flaws, and make the most out of life. Some important things that we must realize to effectively grow as a person are: self discovery and self confidence. After one’s self discovery, one must embrace its imperfections and flaws to become more confident about oneself. Confidence brings out greater things – a bigger smile, higher self respect, greater self love and the like.

In my opinion, insecurity is a complete waste of our precious time and life. Instead of making the most out of what we have, insecurities hinder us from loving, respecting and discovering ourselves more and most especially, maximizing our lives.

Here I am, with a bit over 400 words, hoping to have inspired all of you to embrace your imperfections and flaws, and make the most out of life. Maximize your life with greater and more important things other than outer appearances.



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